International Conference in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

13-15 FEB, 2024

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Established in 1989, SciTech Pty Ltd is a leading supplier of scientific instrumentation and solutions for Material, Physical and Life Science research.
Key Product Highlights include:
• NANOSURF: Atomic Force Microscopes
• PHOTON Etc: Hyperspectral, Confocal and NIR – Imaging and Microscopy Solutions
• EXCELITAS PCO , TELEDYNE & JENOPTIC: Scientific Cameras and Imaging Solutions (CCD, CMOS, EMCCD, ICCD, InGaAs, sCMOS,)
• IX CAMERAS: High Speed Cameras
• READILY 3D: Tomolite Volumetric 3D Bio Printer
The New DriveAFM:
Nanosurf’s flagship AFM Platform: a tip-scanning atomic force microscope (AFM) that combines, for the first time, several capabilities in one instrument to enable novel measurements in materials and life sciences. Thanks to Nanosurf’s innovations in optical beam path engineering and scanner design, the DriveAFM scan head features photothermal actuation and full motorization for superior research performance and is easy to use for researchers at all levels of experience.

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